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Electrum Ergon™ Tattoo Pen Machine – LIMITED Galaxy Purple

Electrum Ergon™ Tattoo Pen Machine – LIMITED Galaxy Purple


Electrum Ergon™ Tattoo Pen Machine – LIMITED Galaxy Purple

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Killer Bee™ Type 1.5" Grip for Electrum Ergon™ Pen Machine - LIMITED Galaxy Purple

Electrum is proud to bring you the Ergon™ wireless tattoo pen machine! After almost 3 years of development, we are ready to unleash the super practical, ERGONOMICALLY engineered machine you have been waiting for!

After years of repetitve motion and grip, your hands, the tools you rely on daily, begin to suffer from ailments such as carpel tunnel syndrome. This can quickly progress to serious issues that could require surgery to repair, and in some cases, end your career completely! At Electrum, we are always looking for practical solutions to protect you and keep your longevity intact!

The Ergon™ has been developed in conjunction with Killer Bee™ to utilize what we have found to be the MOST COMFORTABLE and ERGONICALLY designed tattoo machine available in a pen style! The key is in the grip alone. Engineered with ultimate hand comfort in mind, the extremely noticeable Killer Bee™ grip design offers true hand support. No more adding extra foam and rolls of cohesive to fatten that grip up! We did the logical thing to eliminate the need for that, AND utilized a grip design that is made to fit the natural contour of your hand as you grip the machine! You’ll be amazed at the way it feels in your hand!


  • Ergonomic Killer Bee™ Grip design
  • Lightweight aluminum body – Total machine weight with standard 1″ grip is just 2 ounces!
  • Machine length with standard 1″ grip is 5.25″
  • 1827 coreless motor
  • Operating voltage 4V-12V, recommended not to exceed 10V
  • Jumpstart voltage 9V
  • 750mha lithium battery with over charge and over current protection built into board
  • Up to 3-6 hours run time per battery, depending what voltage you operate the machine at
  • Ability to change between 2.5mm, 3.5mm, and 4.0mm stroke
  • Transition from battery to RCA connection with ease
  • LIMITED Galaxy Purple Finish – ONLY 300 pcs made!


  • 1 pc Ergon™ tattoo machine w/3.5mm stroke
  • 1 pc Killer Bee™ type 1.25″ aluminum grip
  • 2 pc 750mha battery packs
  • RCA module
  • RCA cable
  • 2.5mm stroke cam
  • 4.0mm stroke cam
  • Spare O-rings
  • USB-C charging cable
  • Soft storage case

Killer Bee™ type 1.5″ grip sold separately HERE


Weight 21 oz
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in



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4 reviews for Electrum Ergon™ Tattoo Pen Machine – LIMITED Galaxy Purple

  1. Louisa

    I really did not expect this little guy to hit with such a “torquey”-punch (4mm cam)! I absolutely have loved playing with the different grip options, and what I thought I would like, is not what I found fits my hand the best. Who knew I would actually enjoy the small grip? You can’t beat this price and the options you have with this machine.

  2. Frederick Nitzman (verified owner)

    I use this as a liner for detailed tattoos (cartridges 3 -5) lining (4mm cam) . The design of this machine makes it easier for those tight spots. Using the Killer Bee™ Type 1.5″ Grip. Very comfortable for your hand. Really happy with this machine.

  3. Liam Williams (verified owner)

    this machine is super awesome. i’ve used it for a few months now since its release, and it is super lightweight, and packs a good punch. lining and shading with this machine is really easy– and the stroke works great for me. im super happy to have this one in my collection!! mega good value for the quality!!

  4. Andrew Schut (verified owner)

    I was waiting for a long time for an extensive review on this machine, but in the end I decided to get it and do it myself.

    This machine hits nice and solid, you aren’t fighting the skin to get a solid and smooth line like many other pen style machines. The Ergon gets it in on the first pass. It has a nice balance, not hitting so hard as to traumatize the skin. For color packing the bouncy punch also helps, I have used it for both.

    As far as the grip, as a guy with autoimmune issues that cause pain and swelling in my hand on top of the usual discomfort of the job- this machine is a godsend. The grip fits perfectly in my hand and reduces cramping, the weight is light and well balanced so I’m not fighting a heavy back end. This has become my main machine after using a Xion for 4 years.

    My only complaint is battery life- around 3.5 hours- but I have yet to exhaust both batteries on one large scale piece. Maybe a higher capacity battery in the future would be a worthwhile upgrade.

    Seriously such a good machine. If you’re waffling just go for it.

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