FREE ground shipping on orders $250 or more. Use code FREESHIP (Continental US Only) FREE ground shipping on orders $250 or more. Use code FREESHIP (Continental US Only)

FREE ground shipping on orders $250 or more
Use code FREESHIP  (Continental US Only)


We want to say “Thank You” for wanting to be a part of our team, and for being an Electrum ambassador. It’s artists like you that make our job an enjoyable one!

Electrum has always taken pleasure in being able to provide endorsements to artists of all levels and skills. We do have a sponsorship program that you could possibly qualify for, however, we receive over 300 applicants every month, and we do our best to get back to every single person.   We ask that you be patient in a response time and recognize that it could take upwards of few months to receive a response. All responses are sent via mail to the address your provide.

Tips For Sponsorship Applications

Please don’t be discouraged! You may still fill out the application below, and it will be filed for our consideration. We would love to approve each and every sponsorship request that we receive, but the truth is, we cannot. However, to improve your chances of being chosen, check out these tips below!


  • PLEASE, DO NOT CALL THE OFFICE TO ASK IF YOUR APPLICATION WAS RECEIVED. The office and our social media are separate departments from the sponsorship department, and they will NOT be able to give you an update.
  • Make sure you have answered each and every question on the application to the best of your ability.
  • Make sure that your name, email address, and phone number are current and correct so that we may contact you if you are chosen.
  • Be honest with your answers. There’s a good chance we will contact your references!
  • Check for spelling errors before submitting your application.
  • Please do not submit application any more often than once every 6 months.
  • Be patient! We try our hardest to select only those artists who best represent all of the ideals of Electrum and will be a good fit for our team overall.

What we're looking for in a candidate

  • long term support on our social media, tags, creating content with our products
  • content creation and activeness on social media platforms, lives, reels, tiktoks, good engagement etc. 
  • tags of the products your using when you post on social media (like list the products and tag us)
  • actively trying to grow and learn 
  • a positive attitude 
  • loyalty
  • actively involved with the tattoo community – going to conventions, guest spots, etc.