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FREE ground shipping on orders $250 or more
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reach compliance

REACH compliance in EU won’t stop Electrum Ink, a brand already committed to quality and safety

There has been a lot of chatter around REACH compliance in the European Union, particularly how it relates to how we are moving forward at Electrum Supply. There is a lot still uncertain about what these regulations mean for the tattoo industry, but at Electrum Ink we can tell you a few things with ABSOLUTE certainty.

1) Although we haven’t been in the ink space nearly as long as some of the big name brands, we know everything we need to know about making SAFE and complaint pigments for use in cosmetic tattooing. All tattooing is cosmetic tattooing. We have an elite team of chemists and regulatory experts that work diligently behind the scenes on our pigments.

2) We are a smaller, family-owned company with far less overhead. That means we are able to pass along savings because we don’t have to have a higher profit margin. We’ll keep it that way as long as we possibly can.

3) Our REACH compliant pigments are all in the testing process with CTL labs in Germany. We already have passable blacks, whites, reds, and a handful of other colors. We just aren’t rushing the full testing process, which also includes human trials to ensure there are no reaction issues, and that the inks heal well.

I have ALWAYS been an advocate for regulations in manufacturing and in the safety and progression of tattooing as a whole. Electrum will ALWAYS be committed to quality and safety above all else. 

If we cannot produce a top shelf product, we will not release it. Period.